10500 Series Desks

  • Think you know 10500 Desks? Look Again.

    Light-scale design. Standing-height workstations. Expanded modular components to maximize space. Did we get your attention? Practical functionality has always been a hallmark of the 10500 Series, and now these on-trend additions have been added to better support today's workspace needs. Style, craftsmanship and performance. That's what people have come to expect from the workhorse of the workplace. The 10500 Series, delivering more of what businesses need, for less than expected.

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  • Light Scale Design

    10500 has expanded its offering to include a light scale aesthetic that includes Worksurfaces, O-Legs and L-shaped End Panels, Wall Mounted Storage and new paper management options. These new components allow you to customize your 10500 layouts in exciting new ways.

  • Private Office
  • 10500 Reception Station
  • Height Adjustable Workstations

    HON 10500 Series standing-height workstations support the trend with desktops that can achieve a range of different heights that support any personal preference or office configuration. Choose from two standing-height workstation options - Standing-height Desk Shells and Returns or our Height-adjustable Table that electronically adjusts to just the right work-height.

  • Private Office

    A wide array of components and options make the 10500 Series HON’s most complete laminate collection. Desks, storage, and conference tables are designed to suit a range of work styles and layout preferences, making the 10500 Series arguably the best-built laminate desk in its class.

  • Private Office
  • 10500 Reception Station
  • Reception Station

    Versatile solutions for reception areas and meeting rooms bring the benefits of the 10500 Series to public spaces. With matching reception stations, end tables, conference tables, presentation cabinets, and more, the collection can help you extend the same polished, professional look it brings to the private office to the rest of the workplace.

  • Teaming Station

    Versatile, adaptable 10500 Series desks offers a mix of shared and interactive workstations to help collaboration happen easily and efficiently. The 10500 Series is built for a long product life and maximum return on investment. It features scratch-, stain-, and spill-resistant laminate, multiple fasteners, and strong inner-frame construction.

  • Teaming Station